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Learn A Language- Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Young child with book.
Young child with book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Often the best advice is what is contrary to common knowledge. And this is one tidbit that is hard to learn to do.


And I would add, lend everyone your ears!

Why is this a wise bit of information? Passive listening is what I am am driving at here and in my experience in learning Kazakh
listening to conversation around you, whether it be garbled or somewhat understandable  is a very good exercise in learning another language and is essential in the mastery of the same.

Crazy, you think?!

First, I would point out that you consider how children learn

My daughter now talks nonstop and at times I wish she would just zip it at times!

But the way she came to speak so much (and so well, I am proud to say) is that in her fist year and a half of life, she was constantly subject to conversation of adults around her, especially talk between my wife and I.

Listening to us, unconsciously helped her get to the point where she could herself articulate and form sentences that got her talking on her own.

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