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Top 5 Language Learning Tips (Reviewed)

Top 5 Language Learning Tips:

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Just a quick review of the tips mentioned here and I will go through them one by one.

Pronunciation (Photo credit: Steve Bowbrick)
 First looking at pronunciation: it is vital that you do get it right first time and don't try to be lazy. 
Now pronunciation is different from having  an American or Australian or Singaporean accent. Accents are all very fine and good. What is the concern with pronunciation is that what you say in English or any language is clear and well spoken. having good pronunciation is like the foundation to a house.  if you don't get the foundation straight and square from the beginning,  and then as you build your deck and walls and finally the roof,  you'll find that more and more things will be off square and out of alignment. . The same goes for building your language ability and pronunciation is definitely a vital part of that process.

Girls learning the American Sign Language.
Girls learning the American Sign Language. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Study. It is true that you need to study to improve your language and whether it is 20 minutes a day or four or five hours a day is really dependent on your own abilities. Sticking to the 20 minute rule does not seem to be realistic. We all learn differently and have different goals.  Find what's best for you and stick to what you're able to do.

Reading I think is overrated. Reading is taking the easy way out from true language learning which you can only get from speaking the language. Reading is being lazy. Nobody ever learned the language from reading and language textbook. Two reasons. We don't speak like a magazine or a newspaper or a course book. And secondly, you don't develop any social skills that are needed to be able to speak properly in the language that you  are learning.

If reading is overrated, I think listening is underrated. You cannot underestimate the power of your mind in grasping what is being spoken by people around you speaking a different language. Listening to music videos and your favorite TV programs  is probably the best way to learn a language. in any movie whether the acting is good or not you can subconsciously pick up all the nonverbal clues that are necessary to speak a language well. Speaking a language is more than just learning words.  Mimicking body language and gestures that are specific to the culture are as important as the words that come out of your mouth.

Writing is a waste of time.
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