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Help! I Need To Learn A Language! MOVIE MOUTH, Where Are You?

English: Movie poster for the 1915 movie The T...
English: Movie poster for the 1915 movie The Tramp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Language learners looking to learn a language by watching movies will be disappointed with Movie Mouth, a site that was intending to help with this task. Namely, to allow the user, or language learner to watch a movie in slow motion in order to understand better the dialogue and improve their English as a result.
But where is Movie Mouth and its promise of language mastery?
Type Movie Mouth into Google and you do find the site but all you get when you click on the URL is this image:
Movie Mouth

So what to do? Well in the next few posts I will introduce to you some very effective ways to learn a language by watching videos online; especially videos that are readily available via Youtube, Vimeo and other similar sites. Keep checking back.

Meanwhile, do continue to learn English or Spanish or another language with all the free tools available. You can find your own set of instruments to make your language learning experience most rewarding.

There are tons of sites that allow you to watch movies or episodes of popular shows which can be a great way to learn a language. Most of them do have subtitles available that can help you to understand what is being talked about.

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